Yes. I would say here are some simple ideas for every business owner who wants to enhance their profit margin.
One of the most prospective affiliate marketing techniques which all business owners should master is offering of onsite contests and prizes. This ensures that the clients are kept hooked to you page and find their way back often. This may also work in your favour through word of mouth especially if the prizes are exciting.

Another important fact for affiliate marketers to keep in mind is that the clients can only be retained by trust. It is therefore important for site owners to be transparent about the business details so that the users get to understand its purpose and all affiliations. This is the best way to ensure the site gets a hold of the visitors and does not lose them to the actual seller or other marketers.

Being active socially also impacts greatly on site following as that is where you get the most followers and draw them from your competitors. Since many of your clients will have already signed up for a Google plus account, it may be imperative for you to place a share button on your site for linking to social media and other sharing destinations. It may also be necessary to review the content you post to ensure that it is of high quality and interesting to your followers.

It is crucial for you to understand the trick behind pay-per-sale plans by affiliates so that you can anticipate any risks beforehand. This will help you to master your affiliation and learn how to succeed in the plans. Apart from doing your homework, you should also consider going for affiliates that offer plans that suit your business arrangements.

These are just a few tips you can keep in mind although very foundational for beneficial affiliate marketing.