Web is becoming the way of life. Everyone is hooked to internet and almost every business needs an online presence to be able to get the time and attention of people across the globe. However, a lot of mistakes get done by newbies when they try to use internet as a medium of marketing. What are the biggest mistakes that newbies to Internet Marketing make? Read on, as we discover and unearth the answers to this important question.

The first and foremost mistake that newbies tend to make is to have a very basic website which is a factory product and speaks too little about their vision, uniqueness and their idea. So, if you are not investing enough time on having a platform which can convey the message and reach out to people, the wisest thing to do would be to work on the website and the user interface of your website. People have a very short attention span these days and you have draw their attention and make them watch out what you have in offer for them. So, make sure the content, visuals, color composition and look and feel of your website is both interesting to see and read.

The second mistake that newbies to internet marketing make is to not worry too much about search engine optimization and keywords. The exact keywords and exact targeted audience is a fact you need research and establish before taking the plunge. So, before you invest money on ads and PPC (Pay per click) campaigns, understand the consumer behavior and whether they would really be interested in your product or services. The geographical location, demographics, time zone and basic interests of people in that region are important to be known before internet maketing.

The world of Internet Marketing is dynamic with the continuous work done by Google on new algorithms and most importantly because of social networking becoming an integral part of everyone’s life!